QUICA Mail Administration System

What is QUICA?

QUICA is a web interface to manage various aspects of the e-mail administration. Working as a courier-mta frontend, QUICA can make a quick and friendly to use mail server. Tasks like creating accounts and forwards can be done easily with QUICA. QUICA manages domains separately , allowing the delegation of each domain to different people. It's a great tool for your customers if you are a service provider but also works well for a single domain. Quotas for each account are managed, number of mails and hard disk space can be controlled accurately. Internationalization is provided (with some languages included) and you can add your own. The easy to use QUICA interface allows to delegate the management to non sysadmin people spending some minutes training him/her. Technologies used in the project are PHP, python, gettext, MySQL/PostgreSQL.


The documentation is provided in the package. The following documents may be outdated. Always use the package documentation for an authoritative answer.


You can download the latest release from sourceforge summary page and old releases from here.


Access the demo here. User: postmaster@example.com, password: "12". Do what you want there but please don't change the postmaster password as others may want to enjoy the demo. Note that internationalization doesn't work because a limitation of the sourceforge hosting.

Mailing list & Contact

If you have a question, want to give answers, or want to help in the development of QUICA join the mailing list. Go to this page to Subscribe/Unsubscribe Quica Mailing list.

If you want to contact the author (Eduardo Roldan) send a message to trazor in the domain multitel.com.uy.

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